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Hot stones have been used for massage for many thousands of years by Indigenous Cultures from Mayan Civilization, Roman Empire Baths, Chinese Medicine, Hawaii, Japan and North America.

The stones used in Hot Stone Massage are mostly basalt stones created by Volcanic activity. They are found in river beds or have been tossed by the ocean for many years.


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Heated Stone Massage is one of a number of newer treatments that is becoming extremely popular in day spas, and finding its way into various modalities such as chiropractic care and medically based treatments around the world.

Hot stone massages have become very popular at day spas and high-end health clubs. Unfortunately for many of us, these massages can also be quite expensive. However, it is not hard to give a basic hot stone massage to a friend or family member. Following these steps will ensure that you can provide a relaxing experience for those you love, and maybe even convince them to do the same for you!

Assemble the materials required.

For a hot stone massage, you will obviously need stones which can be heated. Basalt stones are the usual choice, although some other kinds can be used. You can buy stones from a massage supply company or track down your own stones directly from a riverbed.

Look for stones of varying sizes that are smooth, with any corners or rough spots worn away or that have been lightly tumbled. You will also need a roasting pan or crock pot for heating the stones, some towels, massage or baby oil, and tongs or a slotted spoon for removing stones from the hot water.

Prepare your hot stones. Before the first use, your basalt stones should be rinsed and "seasoned," or oiled. You can use baby oil, massage oil, or essential oils for this. To heat the stones for a hot stone massage, heat water in a crock pot or roasting pan, and add the stones.

When the stones are warm, remove them and dry them off completely with a towel. You will have to monitor the stones closely to make sure they are warm, but not too hot. Stones of different sizes will hold heat differently, so experiment with this before giving your first hot stone massage.

Place the hot stones. Always test the stones on your own skin first to make sure they are not too hot. If the stones are too warm, you can place a towel or sheet between the stones and the skin. Place larger stones on the larger muscles: the lower back on either side of the spine and the scapular area.

You can also place stones on either side of the spine, the shoulders, and anywhere else the person receiving the massage desires. If they are resting with their palms facing up, place a medium stone in the palm of each hand. If you have small stones, they can be placed between toes or fingers for some extra relaxation.

Begin massaging. You can massage with your hands or gently with a medium-sized hot stone. To massage with a stone, remove stones on the area of the body that you are preparing to work on, and slowly and carefully run the warmed stone over the person's skin.

Hot stone massages allow the heat to penetrate and relax the muscles in lieu of deep tissue work, so use a light touch. Remember to follow the lead of the person receiving the massage and to only do what he is comfortable with.
Replace hot stones as needed.

When you are done working on a specific area, you may have to replace the stones with freshly heated stones, as they will lose their heat. It's a good idea to have more stones heating than you can use at once, so that none of the stones get cold.

Don't forget the extremities.

It can be extremely relaxing if hot stones are used on the arms, legs, hands and feet, so experiment, with the permission of the person receiving the massage. Try running a hot stone along the soles of the feet, or very gently on the back of the neck. Wrists are another spot that may need relaxation, especially for people who type a lot.

With preparation and careful communication with the person receiving the massage, hot stone massages can be performed by anyone. Even the most simple and basic hot stone massage has relaxing qualities. This is an excellent way to help a family member or loved one relax after a hard day at work or support a friend who has been going through a rough time.

Stone Massage Therapy came from the healers using rocks from the river beds and warming them in hot coals or hot water. By placing the hot stones on cloth, on the body and arranging them along the energy centres of the body, a healing process would occur. The hot stones have a tendency to relax the muscles draw out muscle pain and discomfort.

The Hot Stones appear to connect the flow or paths of energy together in order to rebalance the physical body, emotional mind and spirit as one. As the stones cool, the healer will replace them with hot ones. The feet are extremely energy sensitive and are also stimulated in Hot Stone Massage.

As in Reflexology, the entire body can be reflected in the feet. Hot Stone Therapy works with tiny river rocks placed between the toes to de-stress and stimulate the nerve endings in the feet. At the end, the healer would massage the feet and the body with the stones and scented oils. Cool stones could then be placed on the pulse points for revitalising and rejuvenating. Stone Therapy was utilised by many cultures across Europe and within the Mezo-American and Native American tribes as well.

Within the last 10 years, Stone Therapy has found a new life in the West. Since the ever growing popularity of alternative therapies has been channelling into the mainstream, every Spa and Salon seems to have jumped on the bandwagon to meet the growing demand of the client.

It's simplicity does not take away from the benefits and usefulness of this natural massage tool. There is no one way to practice Stone Therapy, but temperature control is of the utmost importance. The quality and size of the stone will determine how long the stone will hold heat effectively. They can be used to enhance the healers current routine or relaxing Hot Stone Therapy sessions can be offered.

Basalt is the result of cooled magma which, over millions of years, is eroded into the smooth round stones that we use here. As the magma cools, the earth's magnetic field is preserved within it and basalt has been a very useful tool in learning about the earth's crust and the activity of the earth's magnetic field.

Because it is volcanic rock, it absorbs and retains heat very well and transmits it to the body via conduction.

Metaphysical Properties of Basalt:
Basalt is representative of the Earth. Magma originates from the centre of the earth, and the basic elements of nature (wind, water, fire) come together to form the magma into the stones that are used. It is symbolic of strength, stability and balance.Focusing on these traits may help to bring clarity during stressful times and help to bring you back down to earth. It may help one to feel centered,grounded and connected to their body.

Basalt is generally composed of minerals like olivine, pyroxene and feldspar.

[Olivine) - Balances glandular system. Aids tissue regeneration. Has beneficial influence on heart, pancreas, spleen, liver, adrenals. Purifies body. Enhances blood- stream. Overall balancer and tonic for body/mind. Aligns subtle bodies. Increases intuitive awareness. Reduces stress. Stimulates mind. Accelerates personal growth, opens new doors of opportunity. Chakra(s): navel, solar plexus, heart.

Healing Properties: Colon problems such as Crohn's disease, colitis, ulcers, diverticulosis. Muscle spasms.

Scientific Properties: A metamorphic mineral, composed of a Calcium, Magnesium Silicate. A pyroxene, Diopside is a series in this family of minerals.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Feldspar
Feldspar is a group name of tectosilicates including Orthoclase, Labradorite, Moonstone and Amazonite. It is commonly found mixed with pegmatite's and granite.

It is used for self awareness and is said to help find missing items. It helps us to find unconventional ways to obtain our achievements. It promotes self-awareness and self-love.

Feldspar is a group of minerals which are important in the formation of many rocks. There are a few gem varieties of feldspar, the most important of which is moonstone.

All feldspars are types of aluminium silicate, with potassium, calcium, sodium or barium.

Feldspar is a potassium aluminium silicate. It includes the attractive but infrequently seen moonstone.


Stone Facial - 'Cool Lift Face Rejuvenation' The ultimate “short duration” facial toning treatment that can be performed by massage therapists and / or estheticians. This technique provides maximum results in a short period of time for that special occasion, with your client seeing incredible results when they leave your treatment area.

Using stone therapy, this non-invasive technique will stimulate the muscles of the face to lift and tighten. Not only will your client look fresh and rejuvenated, but it will also provide an excellent canvas for applying make-up.

Remedial and Medical Treatments achieve deep pressure using the proper stones for each body part, and will have the opportunity to both practice and receive this incredibly therapeutic treatment.

Stone therapy addresses common orthopedic injuries.

It incorporates many massage techniques and essential oils to create a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.
Stone Therapy takes the pedicure and manicure experience to new levels for your client, incorporate heated and cold massage stones into your repertoire.

Stone Therapy now offers a protocol that uses hot stones to provide a gentle, yet healing reflexology session. This hot stone reflexology technique is extremely relaxing for the client and quickly opens the reflex pathways with little or no discomfort. Knowledge of the reflex areas is necessary

The contraindications of a hot/cold stone treatment are similar to the contraindications for Swedish massage with this caveat: a stone massage creates more dramatic changes in the body's systems than a regular massage. The power and efficacy of a hot/cold therapy is possibly three times the power and efficacy of a regular massage.