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Mayan Guided Oracle and Mayan Hot Stone Therapy
Monday, 6 November 2006
The Ancient Art of Mayan Hot Stone Therapy

Secrets from the Ancients Ix Chel and Mayan Shamans. Allow unique jade rollers and quartz to soothe you.

Learn why the Mayan Calender ends December, 21st 2012.

Ancient Maya were intimately connected with the natural balance of the environment

Ancient Maya performed body beautification rituals with meditation periods to awaken the pure essence of the self

Since ancient times, Mayan shamans have believed that jade and quartz are sacred due to their metaphysical properties, purifying qualities, and energy benefits. Our hot stone massage therapy, Hydroflexology, combines the vigorous healing energy accumulated in hot stones with aromatic oils. This ritual will ensure the release of tension, anxiety, and the toxins these emotions create by renewing the energy of the body and mind. Once each stone is used, it is then cleansed, purified, and placed on Maya sacred ground to renew its pure energy flow.

Pampering beauty ritual created for Maya kings to release the negative energies of stress and fatigue. It includes shoulder, neck, and scalp massages; plus, a deluxe facial care treatment rooted in sacred Maya healing practices

Experience the mystical power of Mayan traditions and beauty rituals this treatment is extremely beneficial to hair exposed to salt water, chlorine, and/or hair coloring by restoring the pH balance of your hair.

The Maya word for butterfly is "pepen" the perfect name for this ritual of grace and beauty The supreme Maya therapy created to renew your spirit; clean and invigorate your body; and restore the equilibrium and serenity of your mind; thus, bringing into physical manifestation the true nature of your spirit. This holistic ceremony will align the energies of earth, water, fire, and air in you. Anointing the body with Xunan Kab royal pure payaya oil, delicately mixed in a sacred Maya clay body wrap, the healer will unblock your energy flow with a gentle facial, aromatherapy, reflexology, Maya crystal and gemstone therapy.

Medicine of the Maya is a system of knowledge and practices using a holistic, approach. Similarities of Mayan and Chinese medicine apparent in cosmology, concepts of the human body, disease and causality, and therapeutic methods. Mayan medicine has, like Chinese medicine though less extensively, its own patterns of systematic correspondence. There are, for example, nearly 50 points used by indigenous Mayan practitioners which correspond in location and therapeutic use to Chinese points, specifically in their local effects.

The ancient Mayan civilization ruled over Central America up until the time of the Spanish invasion. The Mayans based their healing practices on herbal remedies, crystals and divine intervention. Today, their descendants still live in parts of Central America. Prayer and home remedies are prevalent among these people, as access to modern medicine is limited.

The Maya believe that nightmares and night terrors are common symptoms of children who have experienced shock or grief, which they consider spiritual illnesses. They say that children, because of their tender years and lack of emotional barriers, are especially vulnerable to these illnesses which along with fear, envy, and depression can cause the loss of chuílel - the Mayan word for soul force or life energy. Maya shamans believe that a gentle sacred bath refreshes the electro-magnetic energy field surrounding our bodies, restoring the harmony of body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Mayan Healing

Mayan healing treatments differentiate between physical and spiritual causes of illness. Treatments like cupping (a form of acupuncture) and bone-setting, work with physical illnesses, from fever to diabetes and broken bones. Spiritual illnesses are discovered in the pulse and in behavioral change. Primary spiritual illnesses are: Mal de Ojo (evil eye), Susto (fright), Pesar (grief), Tristeza (sadness), and Envy. Treatments for spiritual illnesses include Prayers, Faith, Herbal Baths, Teas, Laughter, Burning Copal, Amulets, and the Primicia Ceremony. Mayan healing also includes massage of the neck, feet, back, and abdomen, including uterine massage for women.


Offering protection against evil spirit beings or evil sent by human beings, including hexes, envy, and the evil eye. A piece of black cloth and black thread sewed up around: *Grainy and Amber Copal, *3 Herbs of Grace *Crystal

After the wearing or keeping for three months, remove the crystal and place it out under the full moon in a clear glass container bath of water, white rum or other clear alcohol, and sea salt for cleansing. Burn or bury the bag with herbs and copal, which will have absorbed the negative energy.

4 Cardinal Points

Mayan mythology lays the world square, and there is someone called a ‘bacab’ holding each of the corners of the world. In the rare event of an earthquake, perhaps one of the bacab got tired and let go… Ms Beatrice did not speak much about the extended mythology, but a Mayan shaman who held the Temazcal ceremony for us in Tulum shared the following about the 4 cardinal points and the 4 doors of purification:

East where the sun rises, the beginning, the color white, consciousness

West where the sun sets, the feminine energy rising, the color Red, the womb of the earth and the telling of fears

North the silence, the color black, forgiveness

South the manifestation, the color blue, the energy of hope and joy

Sasturn has this to offer in the way of the holiness of 4: the 4 virgins of Carmen, Guadelupe, Fatima, and Lourdes, the 4 domains of Ixchel, goddess of medicine, Lady Rainbow, guardian of the plant spirits: childbirth, weaving, medicine, and the moon.

“The 3 Herbs of Grace”

Marigold, Basil, and Rue.

Or Calendula, Basil, and St John’s Wort in Western climates.

-Peppermint, Cloves, Garlic, Chamomile, Rosemary, and Yarrow are right up there too, in the little book of essential herbs –
These herbs are the foundation of much spiritual healing work with the emotions, as well providing relief from physical illness and pain.

Doctrine of Signature

Plants look like what they’re good for.

Not all the time, but there is a metaphorical or intuitive connection. For example, when a leaf crosses a branch it is a sign that the plant has medicinal powers. A plant with heart shaped leaves may be good for blood and heart related treatments. Ms Beatrice repeatedly pointed out purple flowered plants that were good for nerves, yellow flowered plants for infection, or for their liver cleansing properties, and red flowered plants for either building blood or to stop bleeding. A red Hibiscus flower, eaten raw to help stop cramping, for example. Plant healing power is down in the roots until the sun calls it up to the leaves. So an intuitive gathering would find roots in the morning, and leaves in the warmth of day.

Or try asking the plants themselves; opening up the intuitive sense that allows your mind to receive information from sources outside of technology or human interface is what allows wisdom to ripen in you. Dreaming with the plants: lying down to sleep with them and asking to know them, is a fine and faith-filled practice of meeting plant energy in a realm where the human psyche and the archetypal energy of the plant can relate.


Mayans began massages by praying over pulses of patients with plants. They asked people to close their eyes and imagine “white light, white flowers, and guardian angels around you” and then held a few leaves at each wrist, and then at the solar plexus, and the third eye. For both men and women Mayans began the massage at the solar plexus, which she called “Pandora’s Box” because of the amount of emotional energy stored here. When dealing with the updwelling of old fright or grief, she invited people to tell their troubles to an “old tree that can hold it”.


The wisdom of the Mayans and "REVELATION"

    Transformation is crossing the illusion of the third dimension and filling your aura with the bright colors of creation. It is transcending time, space, matter and energy, so that the emotions can be controlled and one can reach a higher consciousness.

Activating the amygdala gland through smell is the easiest way to achieve this. That is why the oils are important.

Like the Mayan Indians, one can enter the frontal lobe. From the time of birth, Mayan babies foreheads would be pushed in so that the amygdala and the frontal lobes would connect. T.D.A. Lingo did a lot of research on activating the amygdala gland. The gland is divided into two parts. The posterior part controls the emotions and the anterior part causes you access to your frontal lobes. By accessing the frontal lobes, one can fill their aura with the colors of the rainbow.

At the Mayan site of Chichen Itza, the artwork that remains shows how the babies foreheads were pushed in, so that the connection between the amygdala and the frontal lobes was more easily accessed. These pictures also depict Mayan babies and adults eyes as being crossed. This is because the Mayans, from an early age, were encouraged to focus on their frontal lobes and access their power.

Since ancient times, the Maya wedding ceremony has been a sacred and spiritual event in a couple's life. In order to prepare for such an important event, the couple undergoes many spiritual and physical activities filled with mystical sights, sounds, and smells. Ixchel bridal ceremony caters to the bride's emotions and beauty needs. A gentle massage with handmade clay spheres, filled with essential oils are rubbed through out the legs, back, and shoulders, as the clay releases the oils due to the warm body friction, the body relaxes and is ready for the next step. A body wrap with the rich nourishing elements found in organic honey and Ka't a refined Maya clay; the wrap will renew the bride's skin natural balance, leaving it with a beautiful, healthy, smooth glow.. Ixchel ends with a light cucumber or fruit facial and a soft lip gloss to grace the natural beauty in you. Beauty and grace are the spirit of this treatment, individually tailored to meet each bride's personal needs.

Posted by hydroflexology at 7:10 AM EADT
Saturday, 21 October 2006
Ix Chel

In Maya mythology, Ixchel or Ix Chel was an earth and moon goddess, patroness of weavers and pregnant women.

One myth states that the sun was her "lover," but that her grandfather was very upset with this and he threw lightning at her out of jealousy which in turn killed Ix Chel. In the story it stated that dragonflies sang over her for 183 days and then she awoke again only to follow the sun to his palace. But the sun soon after too started to become jealous of Ix Chel, thinking that she was having an affair with the morning star, who was the sun's brother. The sun threw her out of heaven and then persuaded her back home, but soon after her return he became jealous again. It is said that Ix Chel became annoyed with the behavior of the sun and so she went off into the night and remained invisible whenever the sun came around. At her new place in the night it is said that Ix Chel spent the nights nursing women of Earth through their labor (during the stint of their pregnancy and birth).[1]

The story of Ix Chel and Itzamna shows both interesting similarities and differences with the Japanese myth of Izanagi and Izanami. The names and personalities are reversed in one version of the story as compared to the other. Izanami is the female, and she is the one who violently attacks her husband.

Ix Chel was said to pay special attention to the pilgrims who visited Cozumel, which was her sacred island. Isla Mujeres was also devoted to her worship.


x Chel, the "Lady Rainbow," was the old Moon goddess in Mayan mythology. The Maya people lived around 250 AD in what is now Guatemala and the Yucatan in Mexico. Mayans associated human events with phases of the moon.

Ix Chel was depicted as an old woman wearing a skirt with crossed bones, and she had a serpent in her hand. She had an assistant sky serpent, whom they believed carried all of the waters of the heavens in its belly. She is often shown carrying a great jug filled with water, which she overturns to send floods and powerful rainstorms to Earth.

Her husband was the benevolent moon god Itzamna. Ix Chel had a kinder side and was worshipped as the protector of weavers and women in childbirth.

The Lessons of this Goddess

Ix Chel has woven herself into your life to tell you it is time to express creativity. It is time to stoke the fire, time to let your creative energy flow. Create! Be daring! But also be responsible and conscious, whether your creations are works of art or works of the flesh (children). Creativity nurtures, creativity reweaves the tears in our vitality, creativity heals. It is our birthright and our life blood; it makes us healthy and happy. We women have the ability to create: we give birth. So find the time, make the time, create the time to be creative. Beat the drum, use those paints, amke that pottery, put on those dancing shoes, write those novels, explore your sexuality, rejoice in your own creativity. Create in the way that is appropriate for you. Let nothing stop you.

Do you feel blocked creatively because you aren't as good as someone else? Do the kids, your partner, your family, your job keep you from being creative? Stop using your creativity to find reasons not to create. The Goddess says wholeness is nurtured when you open to your creativity and live it.



Posted by hydroflexology at 5:37 PM NZT
Thursday, 19 October 2006
Mayan Guidance Oracle [ I - Ching ]

I offer a unique Mayan Guidance Oracle by correspondence.  Simply ask the oracle for guidance send me that specific request and a card is selected on your behalf.  The guidance from the card is sent back within 24 hours.

Within the Guidance card you will be given a number, colour, chakra point, acupuncture healing points, and  Mayan influenced guidance, along with physical points of the body that may need attention.



Posted by hydroflexology at 1:31 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 19 October 2006 2:39 PM NZT

+6 [0] 7 55347583



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Mayan Hot Stone Therapy

For those seeking balance in their lives I invite you to experience a unique guided journey of imagery and colour in a treatment tailored to suit your individual needs. Enjoy the feeling of wellbeing as you draw in energy. Release negativity and physical stresses.  Embrace ancient principles, earth tools and warmed seawater pads, infused with organic healing balm. To rejuvenate your thoughts and regenerate your energy. 

"There is no limit to the knowledge our unconscious mind can store" .

Stress and stress related conditions -

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed ...Gandhi


One hour treatment $75.00 Book Now  


email: or phone: +6 [0] 7 55347583

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