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Friday, 10 November 2006
Healthy Herbs for ADHD, ADD, Aspergers.

Please repost this bulletin, so we can pass on information on drug free alternatives.


Here are some herbs that have been proven helpful in treating both cause and symptoms of hyperactive children and adults.

Contact me for any further information on these wonderful natural herbs.

California Poppy - American Indians and Chines used the leaves, flowers, smaller stalks as a tea for colic and a seditive.

The relaxing tea of 5gms pr cup, it is completley safe mild and non-addictive. It has been used successfully in interupting addictions and hyperactivity.

Catnip- Early Europeans and the Chinese used this for aches, fevers , fits and headaches. Catnip tea (one teaspoon in warm water) is excellent for hyperactivity, stomach cramps, particulary period pain.
Natures Alka-Seltzer. and cold preventative.

PS.. Valerian is known to help reduce bedwetting.

PPS.. Omega 3 has proven in clinical trials and medical research to improve brain function and enhance the mood. 

Posted by hydroflexology at 10:02 AM EADT
Updated: Sunday, 19 November 2006 6:24 PM EADT
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Medical Research - Guided Meditation
Difference between an experimental group that practiced meditation for a period of 14 weeks and a control group that did not meditate are analyzed.   The difference between mediators and non mediators were found in a number of variables including: feeling upset over criticisms of others, taking tranquilizers or street drugs to change mood and aching joints and muscles. The work supports the idea that meditation is beneficial along a number of lines. Among these subject, meditators benefited most as regards experiencing few symptoms of aching muscles or joints and well as less use of drugs and tranquilizers

The idea of a body-mind connection is not a new one.  In fact, it is only in our recent past that the two ideas have been seen as separate.  Today, there is a paradigm shift around the concepts of health, illness and treatment options.  Yet in the midst of the best health care systems Western medicine has to offer, millions of people are seeking alternative health care.

The World Health Organization estimates that between 65% and 80% of the world population, or about 3 billion people rely on a traditional or alternative medicine.  Alternative healing does not ignore the importance of allopathic treatment, primarily the use of drugs and surgery as a first line of defense when a patient presents a health concern. Rather, a major thrust of integrative medicine is that noninvasive and natural treatments be explored as well.  Alternative care tends to be less invasive, and have fewer side effects compared to current traditional options.

One problem with alternative care is that most physicians have not been trained in alternative approaches.

The word meditation comes from the same Greek and Latin roots as the word medicine.  Traditionally, physicians were both healers and spiritual guides.  Calming the mind and the body allows one to better listen to the wisdom of the body.  Meditations a way to balance the body and mind.   In today's society stress levels are so high the effect is like constantly being in a high idle.  Our heart rate increases, the blood pressure goes up, the level of hormones in the blood changes, breathing gets faster and more shallow, the muscles tense for quick action.

Studies on the long-term mental benefits of meditation show that meditation reduces stress and increases reported levels of happiness, self-confidence and general effectiveness. Experienced fewer headaches and less pain in the neck, extremities and joints.  There was also a decline in the use of tranquilers, antiheumatics and gastrointestinal agents.  In a medical study by a medical insurance company the statistics for 2,000 participants were used.  Those who practiced meditation had lower medical utilization in all categories.

Resource:  E.Monk-Turner/The Social Science Journal 40 [2003]

Posted by hydroflexology at 9:34 AM EADT
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Saturday, 4 November 2006
Healing and Healthy Herbs for Depression

St Johns Wort

St. John's wort has a long history of folk use. Dioscorides, the foremost physician of ancient Greece, as well as Pliny [in ancient Rome] and Hippocrates [the father of medicine], administered St. John's wort in the treatment of many illnesses.

In folk medicine, St. John's wort has been used in the treatment of wounds (it has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties), kidney and lung ailments, and what we would now call depression.


Leaves of this mint herb were used in a tea by the early Europeans for cramps, aches, fevers and fits. They also chewed the leaf for headache relief. The Chinese used it for chest complaints. Catnip was the beverage of choice in Europe before tea was introduced from Asia.


It has proven to be a natural anti depressant. Is an excellent tonic for the kidneys and the nervous system, balancing the hormones and also the emotions.

Ginkgo Biloba

Increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain that improves memory. Improves mental clarity and inhibits free radicals.


Kola Nut

Kola nut is very useful for addictions. It has a calm energizing effect and anti depressant qualities it helps get through the psychological withdrawal symptoms.


North American Indians used this to relieve the pain of gout and arthritis, and for skin disorders. Hippocrates used nettle for snakebite and scorpion stings and as an antidote for poisons. Early Europeans used it for asthma relief. And was taken on long voyages to prevent scurvy.


Brewed in tea by the Mayans and Incas. Will soothe nerves. Good for insomnia and nervous conditions. Passionflower is contained in many pharmaceutical preparations for sedative actions.


Has been used in South Aftrica since prehistoric times for mood enhancing . Encourages a positive mood and relaxes stress and anxiety.

Posted by hydroflexology at 9:04 PM EADT
Updated: Sunday, 5 November 2006 10:27 AM EADT
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Friday, 3 November 2006
Female Stress Management Workshop
I have been asked by Tweed Community College to run a course on Female Stress Mangement.

This will be a one day course held at Tweed Heads College on 28th February, 2007.

The cost of the day is only $59.00 and there are limited vacancies.

Wosrkshop Outline:

  1. The Brain

  2. Stress Related Conditions

  3. Hydroflexologly as a Treatment

  4. Guided Meditation

  5. Mayan healing techniques

  6. Ointments and Balms

  7. Dead Sea Mineral Mud

  8. Omega 3 [Brain Boost]

  9. Papaya

  10. Heavenly Herbs for Happiness and Health.  Also for treatment of addictions.

  11. Making Ointments and Balm

  12. Antiaging

  13. Mayan Guidence Cards I Ching

Enrolment and payment is via the college.

Contact Enrolment Officer on [07] 55248884 Course Name: Hydroflexology

Posted by hydroflexology at 8:44 AM EADT
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Saturday, 21 October 2006

Backaches are largely caused by weakness of the muscle and bracing. It has been found that this condition can be found in those who are stressed and showing symptoms of fatigue, short-tempered, competitivness and apprehension.

Research shows that illness and disease can be stress related because the body has changed its physiology because of what the mind has experienced.  

The wonders of the mind-body relationship are only beginning to be realised.  

Posted by hydroflexology at 6:01 PM NZT
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Thursday, 19 October 2006
Female Stress Management

Female Stress Management Workshop P.O.A

mayan meditation hot stone treatment 60 luxurious minutes $75.00


For those seeking balance in their lives I invite you to experience a unique guided journey of imagery and colour in a treatment tailored to suit your individual needs. Enjoy the feeling of wellbeing as you draw in energy. Release negativity and physical stresses. Embrace ancient principles, earth tools and warmed seawater pads, infused with organic healing balm. To rejuvenate your thoughts and regenerate your energy.

"There is no limit to the knowledge our unconscious mind can store" .


This is for a one day workshop treatment.  You will be issued a Workshop Completion Certificate.

Imagine yourself on the beautiful Gold Coast, learning the ancient art of Mayan Hot Stone Therapy.

Spend a day being treated for stress and learning to treat others.  Hydroflexology Therapies is only available in Australia.  If you are travelling to the Gold Coast, consider this at part of your itinerary.  I am on 15 minutes south of SURFERS PARADISE.


Be one of the few to pass on this powerful and ancient healing treatment.


Let me explain the reaction that the brain has to stress. It's dark, your heading towards your car and you hear a noise, your hair prickles, your heart beats faster and you begin to sweat, you feel your jaw tighten and you stiffen. You are now prepared for fight or flight.

What happens inside your brain has a specific effect on the body's physiology.

Now imagine you have just lost your job or going into a job interview. You breath out and hold your breath, your heart starts to beat faster and you think how am I going to pay the bills. You clench your jaw. Your muscles tighten ... Your brain does not distinguish a physical stress from an emotional stress and it has the same reaction and effect on the body's physiology.

If you do not bring your body and brain back into balance you continue to carry the effect of the stressors in those organs.

The effects of stress and the longer the go untreated have been linked to the following symptoms.

Hypertension [high blood pressure] Headaches Ulcers Allergies Asthma Arthritis Backache Fatigue

weight gain/loss, ulcerative colitis, skin disorders, frequent colds, heart conditions, swallowing difficulties, dizziness, chest pains, heartburn, nausea, stomach butterflies, cold sweats, neck aches, muscleaches and spasms, memory impairment, panic attacks, constipation diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety attacks, depression, lethargy, distended stomach, irritability, migraine, hot flashes, loss of concentration, moodiness, pelvic pain, fluid retention, food cravings, sweating, swelling of legs, breast tenderness, lowered libido, increase in accidents and errors, acne,thirst outbreaks of aggression.

How many of us in the past have taken medication to stop the syptoms of any one of the above. While we cannot attribute stress to be the 100% cause of the condition, it is still absolutely necessary to address your stress immediately. There are many ways you can do this simply and naturally.

Hydroflexologly is a combination of proven ancient therapies to relieve stress and stress related conditions.

The principles involved include hydrotherapy, reflexology, guided meditation and integrating Mayan healing techniques.

The use of earth tools such as green jade, river stones and cystals along with organic healing ointments and balms induce your body to melt away it's aches and pains. Heated seawater pads infused with papaya, dead sea mineral mud and omega 3 replace the mayan practice of heated leaves and herbs.

  1. The Brain

  2. Stress Related Conditions

  3. Hydroflexologly as a Treatment

  4. Guided Meditation

  5. Mayan healing techniques

  6. Ointments and Balms

  7. Dead Sea Mineral Mud

  8. Omega 3 [Brain Boost]

  9. Papaya

  10. Heavenly Herbs

  11. Making Ointments and Balm

  12. Antiaging

  13. Mayan Guidence Cards I Ching

Posted by hydroflexology at 7:05 PM NZT
Updated: Thursday, 19 October 2006 7:38 PM NZT
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