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Hydroflexology Therapies

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Heavenly Herbs for Insomnia, Depression, Enhance Mood
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Hydroflexology is a result of incorporating various forms of natural healing, to create a non-intrusive rehydrating therapy. It encourages a deeper relaxation physically as well as spiritually. Energywork is applied to enhance mood and release negative energy.

This unique form of complimentary healing is gentle and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Suitable for all ages. Pregnant women can benefit from most treatments.

The Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

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Monday to Friday by appointment only.

Stonehenge Australia

07 5534 7583 or 0432 073 047.

If I am unavailable please leave a message or text. Alternatively, please email or contact me through myspace.

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Colour Therapy

Water, Giver of Life.

The human embryo is made up of 95% water, as adults we are 75%. Water is for a great part what we are. it is our kindred spirit.

When a hurt needs soothing, an inflammation cooling, or a vexed spirtit calming, we automatically turn to water whether hot, cool, a both, a calming dring, a foot soak...

Because we are predominantly made up of the element, it is natural that when we are out of balance due to illness or stress, water itself can hold the keys to bringing us back into balance.


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Do you suffer with a Panic Disorder?
Panic Disorder - The silent fear

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Learn why the Mayan Calender ends December, 21st 2012.

Ancient Mayans were intimately connected with the natural balance of the environment. They performed body beautification rituals with meditation periods to awaken the pure essence of the self.

Since ancient times, Mayan shamans have believed that jade and quartz are sacred due to their metaphysical properties, purifying qualities, and energy benefits.

Along with these principles and hot stone massage therapy, Hydroflexology, combines the vigorous healing energy accumulated in hot stones with aromatic oils.

This ritual will ensure the release of tension, anxiety, and the toxins these emotions create by renewing the energy of the body and mind.

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